During the last decade, lots of changes have occurred around the globe. None of the countries could ever escape the new world order which has slowly swallowed them. There have been different viewpoints discussing the reason why! But people are stuck in between the news by the ordinary media spreading bullshit and the strange analyses by the critics who are unfortunately called ‘conspiracy theorists’. The fact is that societies need the real and original news broadcast by any means, because every individual person can use his / her common sense. Media is full of manipulated news, and hardly anyone can know the reality behind the published non-sense. No matter where we live, we face somehow the same challenges. Here, I am trying to gather whatever information available in any field recently updated.

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This is an independent news website, and it is aimed at spreading the latest ones chosen randomly. Besides political, social and economic news which are considered to have direct or indirect regional and international influence, the writer considers to spread art news from around the globe.

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